Setting up your Mac system is one of my favourite jobs. I enjoy making everything work just as it should and guiding you in how to get the most from your Mac.

Whether you are a single domestic user, young or old, or a company needing a network of Macs and a server I will get it all right for you and make sure you understand it.

I will check your broadband connection and advise you of possible improvements.

Setting up iCloud to sync all your devices in the best way is also one of my specialities.

I love apple but this unfortunately is the one place I have a serious criticism. They will tell you that you can transfer everything from your old Mac to a new one using their migration tool and you will be off straight away from exactly where you left off.  It’s true BUT your new Mac will never run as well as it could have done and in some instances it will be downright terrible. I have seen new M1 Macs with software that hasn’t run since OS10.13 transferred to them. Buying a new Mac is a chance to get a fresh start getting rid of all the old stuff you don’t need both visible and invisible. The only way to do this is to set it up clean with no transfer and then move the data manually and reinstall all the apps afresh. Now I appreciate this is easy for me to say and not easy for most people to do, but you just spent upwards of £1000 on a new Mac so why spoil it for another £150, which is about what I would charge to move everything and set it up perfectly for you. Trust me it’s well worth it .

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