Home and Small Business Remote Support Contracts…

This is our new service for single home users and small 1-2 station businesses.

It offers a remote and telephone support service with the features below...

  1. Unlimited telephone support. This takes the form of advice and answers to questions.
  2. Remote controlled support. This will be done using TeamViewer which will have been installed on your computer when you sign up. Here we can view and control your computer over the internet and sort out your problem or guide you through something you don't understand.
  3. A dedicated phone number only available to contract customers which will be given priority.
  4. An initial set up where we will talk you through installing TeamViewer if needed and give your computer a quick look over and discuss any changes or upgrades you should consider.
  5. An annual remote check up using any remaining available remote time in the last month of your annual contract.
  6. Option to pay on a monthly contract with no long term commitment or an annual contract at a reduced rate with the annual checkup as above.
  7. Remote support is accrued at 10 mins per month during your membership. You will be allowed to use any current credit plus the next months credit during any consultation.
  8. Monthly contracts will continue to accrue credit as long as the subscription continues. If the subscription is cancelled then any accrued remote time will be cancelled with no refund.The accrued service credit will reset to zero after the 12 month point but all available credit can be used in month 12 for the annual service.
  9. At the renewal of an annual contract, the remote support time will reset to zero, but you will have the opportunity to use all available accrued remote time in a full service checkup.
  10. We will keep check of the remote time accrued and available and inform you of your paid up time at the start of a session.
  11. Remote time in excess of your available time will be charged at £60 per Hour + VAT on a per minute basis.
  12. This service does not include “on site” visits.
  13. Contract applies to a single user but can be spread across 2 computers (max)
  14. Contract does not apply to iPad and iPhone products.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up straight away the please call 01908 696968.

Annual payments can be made by credit or debit card,bank transfer, Cash or cheque. Annual cost is £100 + VAT

Monthly payments must be made by standing order .... Monthly cost is £10+ Vat

Please fill in the form below and we will call you to take payment details and set up your mac for our service. This will include an initial free remote health check (not deducted from your time allowance)