Home and small business limited remote contract

This is our service for single home users and small 1-2 station businesses.

It offers a remote and telephone support service with the features below...

1    Unlimited telephone support. This takes the form of advice and answers to questions.

2    Remote controlled support. This will be done using TeamViewer which will have been installed on your computer when you sign up. Here we can view and control your computer over the internet and sort out your problem or guide you through something you don't understand.


  3   An initial set up where we will talk you through installing TeamViewer if needed and give your computer a quick look over and discuss any changes or upgrades you should consider.

 This contract is charged at £100 per year and allows for a total of 2 hrs remote support in that time. Should that be exceeded you will either continue ad hoc at £75 per hour for further remote support whist retaining the telephone support only for the rest of the year. Or renew the contract for a further £100 to get a further 2 hrs remote.  

I will add that I take a relaxed attitude to the remote time you have and always exceed the 2 hrs limit before asking for a renewal . The rule is simply here to stop people taking the Mickey. 

(I have to put a limit somewhere)